Reading is the foundation for all learning.

Launched in 2016 by Qatar Foundation for Education, Science and Community Development (QF), the National Reading Campaign is a program that aims to create a national drive to communicate the importance of reading, and to create interest in reading amongst all residents, especially children and young people under the age of eighteen years.

Our Vision
Our vision is to engage the whole community in reading by drawing them into the beautiful realm of books. The joy of reading should be instilled at a young age, as reading enhances literacy skills, which are the foundations for lifelong learning. The campaign is designed to fuel a passion for reading by setting people on a path to enhance the existing reading culture of Qatar, and create renewed interest in the future.

Our Goals
Experts believe that reading is the most important skill that determines success in school, as well as throughout life. Countless studies show a direct link between mental development and early reading. The objective of the campaign is to encourage parents to read to their children at a young age, as children who display better communication skills early on are more likely to see their intellectual skills improve during the pre-school period. The campaign aims to make reading more than just an academic task but as a fun, and thoroughly modern activity.